Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why are you so paranoid?

Hello Loyal Readers!

I feel a bit of explanation should accompany this this post, so bear with me. I spent this weekend hanging out with very close friends, drinking Colt 45, listening to music, reading a whole bunch of new material and eating copious amounts of food with my family. Needless to say these activities have had a peyote and Perrier style effect on me, in other words, I feel refreshingly altered.

Now, I would like patently and unapologetically declare my love for Kanye West's new album. Kanye delivers a dynamite pop music experience and does it without sounding like a spoiled four year old throughout. He recently did an interview with the folks at The FADER and if what he says is legit he seems like he's attempting to turn over a new leaf, a leaf that apparently doesn't come from the hissy fit tree. He also keeps a blog that astounded me with it's 'freshness'. Thank-you Mike and Rob for playing Paranoid and changing my opion on the young Mr. West's ability to write quality music. Songs of note on this album: Love Lockdown, Robocop, Paranoid and Coldest Winter.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last one!

Hi Friends,

I've been on a Nintendo kick lately. This is my last Smash Brothers related painting...for a while.
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About 80% of the way through this one I completely lost interest and found myself just putting down more and more color and not improving the painting. So this is a MOSTLY finished sketch that I probably won't ever get around to finalizing.
Next week I'll switch to figures or something more realistic/classical in nature. If anyone has suggestions for what I should do let me know.

On completely separate and unrelated tangent, everyone is always making a big deal about Hokusai's Great Wave and frankly, I'm unimpressed. Japanese Woodblock Printing can be extremely subtle and sophisticated. Look, for example at the work of Hiroshi Yoshida. The composition and the nearly photographic attention to value mixed with organic colors makes his prints some of absolute favorite images.

Solemnly Swearing not to paint more Nintendo Creatures,

Friday, December 12, 2008


Dear DefunctProduct,

Last week you requested that I "DO YOSHI!". Though I'm not sure who you are, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of your manners. Even though we're on the internets, a please and thank-you are still appropriate when a special request is made. Additionally, the use of all caps denotes YELLING and I'm sure that isn't necessary. That said, I was happy to oblige the request.

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This took me about 3 hours today and 45 minutes the other day to learn how to draw Yoshi and come up with a pose. I hope everyone feels free to make requests for drawings and such, it gives me a reason to get busy on the Wacom.

Check out Defunct Product's blog here: The Shortcomings of Sebastian M. Elias

With Holiday Cheer,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear Friends,

I love Pikachu. This took me about four hours today.
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Excuse me while I catch 'em all,